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Monday, August 25, 2008

About 2 months ago we were watching the Magic School Bus episode about microbes. The microbe gang had changed Keesha's cucumber into a pickle. Raghu immediately wanted to make a pickle. So we washed and cleaned out a medium sized Horlicks bottle and filled it with water and salt. Shook it a bit and then put in a large cucumber.

It stayed at Raghu's Nainamma's (Ravi's mom) house since then until a few days ago. Today we opened up the bottle. I expected a mess... as i had done little research at the time of pickling and the video did not give enough info on how to pickle. The top of the cucumber had turned a little soft. But the rest was crisp, salty, pickly... a successful pickle!! And moreover it reminded me of shawarma pickles in Abu Dhabi. Absolutely gorgeous.

We've now pickled shredded cabbage and carrots. This time i did some research and added some mustard and vinegar. We'll see what happens soon enough. So far it tastes
great as you can eat the cabbage at all stages of pickling.

So here is Raghu with the prize pickle. As you can imagine he finished it off and barely managed to leave a slice for the rest to taste.
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