When we started out with our unschooling journey, we felt a little like knights in shining armor freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles. Hence the name of the blog.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Understanding and absorbing RU

My understanding of life-learning/radical unschooling, its essence, is growing. Getting that understanding deep within me is important. It allows me the space needed to assess things slowly and with clarity when dealing with issues.

Finding an RU tribe in the real world is very important to me. A tribe of people who respect kids needs like they would their own. A tribe that can enrich our lives and allow us a peek into real unschooling homes. Meanwhile i've tried to find that tribe online and failed. I've found amazing websites , blogs, advisory boards aka online groups meant for dispensing advice to newbies, boot-camp for not-quite-there-yet unschoolers etc... but no friends really. Making new friends now is hard enough as there is little time to spare most days. And expressing online what i mean, being clear about what i want etc.. via the written word is almost impossible these days. It takes tremendous effort and requires a facility with words that i don't possess mostly. So then i fall flat when i try and communicate on these enormous, well established advisory groups. They have little patience for the likes of me.

And as i've found out painfully.... the way people write online at these unschooling groups can be harsh... as they are doling out gifts of advice .... so the gift wrapper is sometimes rushed. Besides i'm yet to understand the world of online etiquette. I will have to research those forum-groups... looks to me like those groups might be getting together to spend time with each other and not just to dispense sharp, quick replies (never leads to pleasant conversation for me).

Also... most of the RU'ers woudl not know what i was talking about if i said "Basanti tera naam kya hai?".... Just as their arcane jokes, popular trivia based comparisons, conversational banter based on a culture i'm not deeply familiar with etc go over my head. I can't seem to break into that type of conversation and add something meaningful. Now i know about gods drinking milk, Hummous and shawarma, arabic, hindi, kannada, pani puri and indian-chinese, Bollywood craziness, 365 festivals for 365 days, living as an expat in the gulf, and tons of other things.... now i need to find others who know about them too (this is not hard) and unschool (this is hard).


Urmila said...

All the best with your search and feel free to call on me, I will do my best. Let me know if I'm harsh or whatever. Honest feedback will make me better!

Hema A Bharadwaj said...

Actually if you were ever to be harsh/give me a kick in the butt :-) i think i'd still be able to take it and get back to you for closure if need be. but online conversations in this line are hard for me. Need a face and personality to go with the dialog... my crazy head-need.

Like i keep saying... you are the wind in my RU'ing sail :-) Shukran!