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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This was us on a trip to Kamshet this past w'end. The trees around us could not be persuaded to take a picture... so no pic of all 4 of us. It was an awesome experience for raghu... as he has refused to go trekking, climbing etc for a while now. Esp. dissuaded by Singapore heat and a yukkiness factor (we just moved from there to Pune). But this trip was a milestone for him. Something lured him up and upper still (as he kept telling us) towards the waterfall's top. He urged us to climb thru the thick foliage and monsooney gluey sides of the hill. We kept going simply because he would not give up even when the trail completley disappeared. He wanted to go to the very top but had to concede once the trees adn bushes blocked our path with branches and leaves too thick to push aside. The cool monsoon breeze and the clean hillside air was the main reason we could keep going.

There is a time for all things and i feel fortunate that the time for trekking has arrived :-) So once the monsoon ends and winter sets in... i think we will have plenty of little trips around. So glad to see Raghu enjoying a new activity. We still carried a tin full of lego creations that he tinkered with during our stay there. And he found a friend who enjoyed yelling and fighting with him... "on guard" and then commence. Raghu had a sudden dam/flood 101 course... as did we all. We were locked into the area around the lodge as the roads were flooded due to heavy rains and heavy mountain water flowing down to the low areas of the road.
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Urmila said...

Lovely, Hema! I'm quite jealous, as this is the first year the children have unanimously refused to go on a trek. We did however go a little out of town to John's property by the Indrayani river, and it was green and mucky and rainy. John, Sahya and enjoyed it and the boys didn't complain too much!

There are lots of spots around Pune, you can find out from Pugmarks, they'll give you directions, a personal guide for a fee, or you can just join their outings and camps.

Hema A Bharadwaj said...

Thanks Urmila.... it was quite a lovely change for us. i'm looking fwd to Raghu enjoying the surrounding waterfalls... he says those are his fav.