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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"You know Batman sleeps late and gets up late.... so he can fight more with Joker at night," raghu commented in reference to the various discussions we have had about sleeping, listening to body signals, how many hours of sleep a baby needs vs adults etc.

He told me one afternoon that he'd rather nap in the afternoons than sleep at night. I asked him why and his answer was "i don't get dreams in the afternoon... only at night" Which then led to a discussion about what dreams are and how and if we can control them. perhaps happier thoughts as we sleep.

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Urmila said...

Sharing dreams in the morning are very important. Talk about them, and the scariness/discomfort evaporates. Tell him he can enter his dream and change things eg. if you are falling, you can turn it into flying; if you are running away and getting stuck you can put magic powder and fly away from the danger; if you are faced with a scary beast you can turn it into a tame cat. I've done it as a child.

My father runs workshops on understanding dreams and has authored a book. Once you learn to unravel your dreams, it is a big liberating experience to be able to help yourself and family read into your/their own dreams.