When we started out with our unschooling journey, we felt a little like knights in shining armor freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles. Hence the name of the blog.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A studio for Amma is in the works. The middle room is now an office for Ravi, our library (all the kids' books and ours are in large book shelves) and also houses a small desk for me! So i have a spot to sit and write/paint/sketch at. Its around the size of my 'hole in the wall' studio space that i worked in during the first semester of SVA. But its mine and is very precious to me. I have shelved the idea of renting out an outside studio space. I think it will take a while longer to get into that project.

Raghu is back into his wooden trains. He is doing math additions and subtractions in his head. He comes up with simple equations and states different permutations. He is treating his wooden trains differently. He is including lego creations as part of the set up and has been experimenting with different track combinations.

Zoya is simply focused on her hind side, as are we all. Potty training par extraordinaire. We went cold turkey a week ago... and the accidents are getting to one a day! Amazingly she is able to wake us up at night and go! So except for the fact that a portable small potty is the preference... so tons of cleaning involved... its been great. Oh and also... we end up sleeping on the old crib mattress (plastic covered) on the floor. But still worth it all!! no more diapers and so much fun talking to Zoya about it all... most of the time :-D


Urmila said...

You seem to have solved the problem quite neatly. Like the 'to work or not' problem, I myself have not been able to solve the space problem. We have kept enlarging our home with our recent new room upstairs, but we still keep stepping over each other. All the best with your attempts at preserving your space. I think an artist needs more space, so hopefully you will be able to get a one bedroom nearby.

Your initial students (including Sahya) would be in your home, but I have a feeling your ideas are overflowing, and thoughts create reality...so soon you will be overflowing with students, and will need a separate space and your charges should be such as to cover the rent.

Do not be afraid to charge. I was going to phone and tell you that your standard is way higher than any art teacher in Pune. The best Indian piano teacher charges approx. Rs.250/- per hour (check with Sampada). The pretty good Canada trained teacher charges Rs.500/- per hour. Sahya learned with the latter for two years and she progressed very fast. Details of why she learned with the latter is a long story - over the phone or in person!

Please do not under sell yourself. People in Pune are willing to pay.

Hema A Bharadwaj said...

Thank you Urmila for your generous words. I am still in a journey-stage and don't feel settled enough to establish a 'real class'. I love chatting with the kids and talking art, making art etc. Perhaps you and i can discuss this in person some day soon :-)

I am so grateful to have you here in Pune!!!