When we started out with our unschooling journey, we felt a little like knights in shining armor freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles. Hence the name of the blog.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Z and I are on potty training road. Lots of reasons... but essentially she eats like a 5 year old... sometimes more than Raghu... and this calls for diapers of a size and quantity that I'm frowning upon. So we've let her loose. My good humor disappeared the first day... but Ravi has been so patient and has humored me into looking upon it as a wonderful indoor stay for a week or more till Z is settled into a bit of a routine and forgets diapers completely. She does not ask for diapers and she always seemed to be uncomfortable in them as the size was small. You don't get large diapers here! Good for the enviro though. Z is happy to be free but not so happy about her accidents. So still house bound and hanging loose :-)

Z and i built a lovely geometric design. I was surprised to see how she managed to help me find pieces and also managed to make her own little shape.

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