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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shubbu and Raghu

This post is dedicated to Shubhankar... Raghu's dear friend in Singapore. Shubbu and Raghu met only 3 times during our entire stay in Singapore. They had never met before... and yet the connection they had was like nothing i'd ever seen before.
Raghu will often remember Shubbu and ask to meet him. Being traveling nomads is fun but leaves a trail of connections that are missed.

Shubbu had some lovely words to describe his last playdate with Raghu.... so Indrayani, Shubbu's mom, emailed me. (It is interesting to me that Raghu speaks of that last playdate in similar words.)

"That day , shubbu began by saying that raghu was so cool. He and i actually had fun with water in clark quay.( Remember they had fun there?)
Then he goes to describe about our visit in the bird park and how aunty( thats u) took them to the place where birds actually sat on our hands!!And the day was so much fun because of raghu!!
He says raghu belongs to my best friends list!
Coz he and raghu do not hv too many fights.
And the last part was the lego..He wants to hv stuff like raghu so he too can do stuff with lego...
shubbu is also v fond of lego but i have really not encouraged it because of the baby. He puts things in the mouth. Pl do visit us in s'pore .. I hope u can come back! We too will visit u . love indra"

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