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Monday, December 29, 2008

Scott Noelle

I have been enjoying these posts by Scott Noelle for a while now. And realized that i have not shared it here. Today's post was so apt for my relationship with Zoya these days. Enjoy....

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Seeing the Forest for the Trees ::

If we define "well-being" as the free flow of Life
Energy, there is ample evidence that our world is
a place of breathtakingly abundant well-being!

But we perceive a *lack* of well-being when we
focus narrowly on situations in which that Flow
is temporarily blocked -- when we focus on "what's
wrong." It's like looking at a single diseased tree
and forgetting that the forest is alive and well.

When a child cries or indicates distress, most
parents automatically ask, "What's wrong?!"
The more intensely we ask, the more we lose touch
with the abundance of well-being in and around us.

Today, if your child is distressed, try letting go
of needing to know what's wrong. Remember that
simple Presence is the cure-all for most distresses,
and connecting with well-being makes you positively,
powerfully present.

Relax your focus and "zoom out" until the problem
looks tiny and well-being looks huge. Let yourself
see the "problem" as an integral part of the Big
Picture of well-being.


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