When we started out with our unschooling journey, we felt a little like knights in shining armor freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles. Hence the name of the blog.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Find the part where i marry myself"

Raghu has never, ever played a board game until this past week. I mean he may pull one out and set it up and roll the dice once... but thats tops. I love board games, cooperative or otherwise. I'm not very competitive by nature. But i do love Cluedo, figuring out how much money i can make in Monopoly, coming up with unusual words in Scrabble etc. So i was really waiting for raghu to start playing them with me.

Anyway.. time passed... and this past week raghu pulled out "Caves and Claws" a cooperative game. To my surprise he set it up, allowed me enough time to read the instructions, wanted to play by the rules (he could have made it up as he went along like his usual calvin-ball-esque games) and completely enjoyed every step of the game. It was amazing to watch.

Now to explain the title.... He asked to play "Life". he had played it once when his cousins were playing it. He only remembered it as that "car" game. So we set it up... again he was patient and wanted everything just so. Then we played it... and it was hilarious. He went to college before me, married and had about 5 kids in the course of the game... all ahead of me. Here i thought that those things might not appeal to him... But nope... he loved it all. At a later stage in the game he had to pay 50,000$ per child (and he had 5!!) for their college tuition. Now all along he was thrilled that he had a $100,000 yearly pay. He loved collecting payday. so i thought perhaps he'd balk at this turn. But he simply said "Sure, no problem... i love helping my children out" LOL i was ready to roll on the floor.

At another turn he was on a space that said "vacation time with family at Colorado, pay X $s" Again he said "Oh so cool... i get to take a vacation with my wife and kids". So funny, lovely and sweet. Today he said "can we play Life again? I want to find the part where i marry myself" LOL


Jenny Cyphers said...

My youngest loves the game Clue! She likes to play with lights out and candles lit, adding to the mystery, I guess. We recently watched the movie, which has three different endings. Now she likes to do all the Nancy Drew mystery pc games... and it all started with Clue!

I loved your story!

Ronnie said...

Now that's what I call family values! :-)

Rosemeen said...

I Loved reading this Hema!

Hema A Bharadwaj said...

Thank you Jenny, Ronnie and Rosemeen for reading here. Happy summer.. or perhaps spring where you all live.