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Friday, May 29, 2009

My trip to Madras was a month ago. I've only just got my video on comp to work again... some thing about my inability to process info :-)

Anyway, Ashwini and I have been friends since we first met thru a mutual friend Shobhana in our first year of college in 1990. We ended up being roommates for 3 of our 5 years of art school in Mumbai. And since then our life choices have kept us geographically close. We've caught up with each other's lives again and again after many partings and lapses. Always i am left with a sense of gratitude that we have each other. Always inspiring, affectionate, helpful and never dull... that's us ;-)

Currently Ashwini's 9 year old son is with his father and grandparents in Pune. And Ashwini is taking a years sabbatical in Madras... pursuing her long-standing-love "Dance." During my 3 day trip I was fortunate to meet her teacher P.T. Narendran and even watch a class in progress. Amazingly Narendran was able to include Ashwini in his soon-to-be-televised interview at Kalakshetra... http://www.chennai-madras.com/travelinformation/kalakshetra.htm Started by Rukmini Devi. The banyan tree spot where Ashwini got to dance was filled with a very beautiful energy... something we feel strongly at JJ in Mumbai too. its the years of artists walking thru and their creative force i think. Anyways a highpoint of the trip for me and a big moment for Ashwini.

We visited parts of Chennai and Auroville and had a grand time. We had some deep conversations and lots of laughter. Energizing to be with her as usual. Some videos aren't loading right away. so more in another post.

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