When we started out with our unschooling journey, we felt a little like knights in shining armor freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles. Hence the name of the blog.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Raghu, reading and ramblings

Its been a big deal for Ravi and me to see Raghu reading more and more this past week. We come upon him standing in underwear and pants around his ankles with an intent look on his face and his mouth making phonetic sounds, sometimes just plain reading and otherwise sounding out words silently... its such a delight. It might be the cover of a cd or cartridge or a comic book or like this afternoon a book on ants that he is trying to read. Its magical to watch. Just like when he learned to walk. Perhaps i feel validated a bit? I feel like saying YAHOOOO.... you see they do learn to read... because they want to. Of course we go on reading to them and do not say "well you know how to read that... so why do you want me to?" or some such short-sighted comment. I can see how reading to them whenever they want me to is the best thing to do.

I think I have been a struggling a little lately with Raghu being so focused on the PSP and hence i am the primary playmate for Zoya. I miss the game sessions and other lovely times the 3 of us enjoyed before this psp phase. I keep reminding myself that Raghu is happy pursuing his interests. So perhaps seeing him read makes me feel a bit like..."right... there are many processes at work... even as they watch the 100th re-run of Little Bear or Magic School Bus or play seemingly endless video games... they are processing so much info inside their heads" They are contacting the world around them on their own terms. I shall strew interesting things and be available to converse and be a good facilitator etc... yet the final word is theirs. And that is how their inherent interest in learning (whatever they want) is preserved.


Sissie said...

beautifully written post--glad I stopped by to be reminded of my purpose---preserve "their inherent interest in learning (whatever they want)"
Thank you

Sissie said...

Here is the link to Peaceful Partnerships:

I added it to my blog post--meant to do that originally and never did-- thanks for the reminder!:)

Sravani Voice said...

Hi Hema,
You have the right thoughts actually. You are doing the right things. They will find their paths eventually whatever that they want to choose:))) I have seen it happen with my kids:)))
Have a fun summer!

Maitreyee said...

dear hema
i'm maitreyi...and i'm in pune too. i've been reading ur blog for a while...and also read most of the unschooling links that you have put up...it been a great resource.
i was also wondering if you have started classes in art as yet and if you teach adults as well. i've been looking for an art teacher for a long time. my email id is maitreyidesai@gmail.com. do let me know if you have.
thx and much love...