When we started out with our unschooling journey, we felt a little like knights in shining armor freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles. Hence the name of the blog.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some more belated pics

Raghu and Zoya had their first over-night train journey to Hyderabad recently... you can see them in the upper-bunk... and then with several cousins having a shower to beat the heat and posing with some of them.

Oh and then you have Raghu cooking up another of his witch's brews that according to him can kill Lord Voldemort. And the little costco-lion we bought years ago was given a makeover by Zoya this morning... i helped put some lipstick and some eyeshadow on. Zoya took this photo... so i could not get the little detail included.... the lion's tail has some bangles on it! I thought it was great how she managed to use most of her preferred accessories despite the lion not having any arms or typical human features.


scholarmama said...

Hi Hema,

Great pics!

When you get a moment, would you post or send me Raghu's pictures with Viyan? The ones I took are in my dad's cell phone in India and he is not techno savvy:(



Sandra Dodd said...

Elmo! I just put two Sesame Street videos on my blog. :-)


Hema A Bharadwaj said...

Hey Latha... sorry shall do so soon. Its taken me a month to post some of these pics... but hopefully they are easily accessible now.