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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Traveling and Festival

Ravi, kids and I are all off this Friday on our 5 week holiday (holiday for kids and me, mostly work for Ravi) to London and then NYC. We are so excited. Raghu and I want to eat freshly baked bagels soon as we can. Raghu wants to taste scones and have high tea. He thinks 'kippers' is a good name for a breakfast item. I've never tasted them... but he look geared to taste all kinds of new foods.

Please see here for the latest news on the Monkey Platter Festival. http://monkeyplatterfestival.blogspot.com/ Sandra plans on some sword-slashing-of-gallon-bottles filled with water besides talks, museum fun, cooking-demos etc!! We are so looking forward to this! We will also be meeting friends adn family who live in NJ/NYC after almost 2.5 years.

We had a lovely Diwali family gathering in Indore at Ravi's sister's home. Diwali here in India is lots of firecrackers, food, firecrackers, food.... you get the picture. Lots of presents exchanged. Raghu and cousins had gun fights, DS-multi-play and did lots of Rangoli designs. More on all this when i get around to loading photos from the road.

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