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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Language funnies

Zoya has been saying "he" when referring to females. And we've not been able to shake it.... Raghu especially gets exasperated... we think its cute.. but he thinks she needs to know better by now. Anyway... while sitting in the car on our way to a restaurant Zoya referred to her 4 year old cousin, Maya, who was sitting next to her, as 'he'. Maya very nicely told Zoya that she should say 'she' because she is a girl.

Zoya said "I cannot say that because 'she' is only in the bathroom" This flummoxed me for a second and then I burst into laughter. In Kannada a word that sounds the same as "she" means 'poop' :-)

So Zoya was being very thoughtful and politically correct for a child exposed to multiple languages and who does not get the difference in languages yet. She can't identify which language we are speaking in... she uses all the words she knows as one big language. We speak Hindi, Kannada and English.. and we switch languages almost every other sentence.

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onemomentatatime said...

Linnea, who is four years old, also has difficulties with "he" and "she" - she uses them interchangeably, doesn't seem to know the difference between the two. We also speak three languages, but "she" doesn't have any another meaning. I did meet a four year old recently who did the same thing - I don't know if he is speaks more than one language.