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Saturday, December 5, 2009

N i g h t ... what a lovely word

I'm typing out "night" and looking at it anew. Its a beautiful word.
I've been reading "Writing down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg and her book has my head swimming with her images of Taos, words in general sound heightened and am feeling oneness with the world. Um... maybe some of it also has to do with the chocolate diet i've been on these past few days. I've rediscovered Maltesers during our recent long layover at Heathrow airport.

I love "Singing in the Rain"... a simple story line... but boy do i wish i could dance like those 3! Its an awesome movie in my books. I love the songs and tap-dancing.. is it? I gotta look it up. I just finished watching it while Raghu played Blues Clues for dollar stock up... its a game where there are multiple ways to earn money and eventually use your dollars to buy some stuff at the gift-shop.

Raghu slept straight out from 3pm till 11 pm today... he woke up refreshed and wondering whether it was morning... LOL. We tried to break up the jet-lag mode but i guess his body is still adjusting. So Raghu and I are still awake. I'm glad i had a nap this afternoon! Night time is definitely interesting. We can hear the dogs barking away in the distance and some crows are still caw-ing. I served Raghu a large Uttappa with browned onion slices, mushrooms and paneer. He had asked for chips... i said sure.... then i offered to cook something for him in case i get too sleepy to do that later... and he said yes and described what he wanted.

I'm still down with a sore throat and cold. Kids are still down with remnants of coughs. So i'm putting off my recipe posts for the monkey platter festival folks and other trip related posts. I promise to do it soon.

Raghu and Zoya counted out some coins and were dividing them up today. I was not able to hear their conversations but Raghu mentioned that they wanted to earn some money and that it was very hard to do that. So I offered to pay them 10 rupees each for a few small chores around the house. They each worked hard at unpacking with me adn putting things away etc for about 20 minutes! It was interesting that they wanted to earn money. So they both earned 10 rupees each and were very happy. I guess those video games inspire all sorts of things.

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