When we started out with our unschooling journey, we felt a little like knights in shining armor freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles. Hence the name of the blog.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some links, musings and photo moments

For folks here in India: please check out this new way to get ready access to the happenings in Pune. I've found a unique little place here in Aundh that is offering mom-child-dance sessions. and turns out for a change they are not into conventional teaching and asking the kids to imitate the teacher. Yahoo! I'll post back if i like the class. The site is www.taarago.com

Also http://www.lifeawayfromlife.com/ is a cool site for those of us who want adventure. I'm having quite too many all the time ;-)

And the one link I've not explored but heard good things about is: http://rainbowarttherapy.com

I'm feeling better about the months ahead. Urmila, the only other Pune unschooler, has opened a open-space in an apartment she owns. It has a room for meditation/conversation, a room for art, a room for videos/cinema and a room for internet based stuff. She has made it a lovely spacious place that will host workshops, yoga etc and act as a hang out venue for those inclined. I can't wait to be more involved with this.

I have been longing to meditate and often contemplate how i can get my kids involved with others so i can get away. BUT recently I've begun meditating in a way that only mothers can. I breathe deeply when I'm about to explode. I still end up exploding sometimes... mostly with my almost 4 year old who is 22 kilos, almost Raghu's height and is very active.... my measly 5'2", out-of-shape frame is no match. Besides at about 3, not quite 4 she is ready for many new challenges but needs me to be around working out kinks, engaging her while we are in situations that she does not like etc.. It is with her that i get most opportunities to relax and meditate. I call it meditation if I'm able to sit and just be. It energizes me like nothing else. Its usually the 10 minutes when Zoya is intensely busy and I'm able to sit quietly and watch.

here is a pic of what Raghu did to the humanoid he built. he has been adding things on a daily basis.
Raghu took the picture himself.

Sandra recommended the Barbie-Princess and the Pauper DVD when we found it at a thrift store that she took me to. Zoya had been enjoying Holly's under-the-stairs-barbie and other dolls-neighbourhood throughout our stay. So i bought the DVD and sure enough its one of Zoya's favourite videos and she even listens to just the songs. Then recently due to the amount of physical play i've seen her engage in i decided to pick up one more DVD: "Barbie and the 3 musketeers" Again an instant hit with her. She often plays out scenes with Raghu. She will say "I'm going to be a Musketeer. Can I amma?" Now the other day... Ravi caught this on film... it was such a lovely moment. Zoya was completely into the act :-) She has a dupatta for a cape, our foam swords that i'm constantly fixing up with tape and is sitting on the lion that became a horse.

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