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Friday, January 1, 2010


It took Raghu and me most of 4 hours with interruptions to finish the Lego Mindstorm Humanoid. We made it and tested it with some basic programming and it worked! I was surprised to hear that it had been on the market for over 10 years and i only heard about it when Raghu started to express an interest in Robots.

If I'd known about Mindstorm i think I'd have bought it for myself to work with. I had many embedded notions about what was an appropriate purchase/expense at age 25... i believe Ravi and I went to the Finger Lakes Region that year and I was still drawing plein air a lot. Anyway my children allow me so many experiences that I otherwise would have ignored.

There were several moments when i got frustrated with the cd based manual and had to demolish bits and rebuild the Humanoid... and a part of me blamed Raghu for slowing me down and for building some parts wrong... eventually these parts were not fitting in with the whole. So anyway... I had to stop and breathe and remind myself that i was building it for Raghu and if it took 5 hours then i should relax into it. Raghu mostly wanted "me" to build the humanoid. While building it he would take big breaks and watch DVDs or walk around. He helped with fallen bits and was very supportive ;-)

A part of me was frustrated because I felt that he should build it with me since he wanted the robot. But a part of me was aware that he really wanted a robot and i could not give him access to one... so this was the easiest way to make it possible. And he was struggling with the patience this manual required. It was way more complex than most Lego sets Raghu has built. So I built it, mostly, and was super happy to see how much he enjoyed the finished piece.

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