When we started out with our unschooling journey, we felt a little like knights in shining armor freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles. Hence the name of the blog.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Raghu Reading

I was getting comments from all around about how amazing it is that Raghu can read without going to school. I've also heard several people tout books over tv and are horrified to hear of how much tv we watch... in our case tv is usually dvds that the kids select. I've also been told that i've got the patience of a saint otherwise unschooling/homeschooling would not work out. Off late i hear so many such funky comments that all i can say is please order this book and read it back to back. It will help those who are trying to understand our non-mainstream path. It will help them see things a bit more clearly and not draw the wrong conclusions.


I wish i could offer one copy to everyone who said anything like one of the above comments to me. Please read this book. It is in easy, chewable portions that demystifies unschooling and gives you room for radical thoughts.

Raghu reads because he wants too. Raghu does not write... because he does not want to, yet. Simple.

He and i figured out that if he really wanted to write notes in a precise way then we could use a stencil. Simple.
Or when we get our comps in order and have that printer set up... he might type and print it out.

The magic is that Raghu wanted to read, so he pursued it and figured it out. Yes I helped... I read to him when he wanted and did not shame him if he could not read something supposedly simple. In a way i almost wish he had not cracked the code... cause now everyone expects the same from Zoya. "so cool... unschooling gets kids to read on their own!"


I said...

the fact that you are unschooling in india, demystifies the process even more. always looking forward to your writing and reading about ur children and you. i just ordered "moving a puddle" :))

Sravani said...

Hi Hema,
Awesome! And yes, you are right! There is more joy in doing something when one wants to do it. And typing, as you have always known about me is something I would highly encourage:))
Have fun! Sorry we missed each other this time. I will be back again this summer. Will be in touch

meredith said...

I just came across your blog through the Enjoy Life site. My now-8yo used stencils to write for a long time, and still prefers to type if she wants to write for someone outside the family (letters to magazines for instance), but she also eventually started wanting to write so she could make her own comic-books. Oh, and contrary to what other parents fear (americans anyway) she can read cursive writing, too - its just another "font" to her :)

Hema A Bharadwaj said...

how cool Meredith! thanks for telling me that.