When we started out with our unschooling journey, we felt a little like knights in shining armor freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles. Hence the name of the blog.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recent times...

Raghu holding his 3 month old cousin, Avni. Since my sister and Avni were with us for more than a month, Raghu and Zoya got loads of time to observe the baby. Raghu was often lying down beside Avni and talking to her or waiting for the morning smile and gurgle session. It was sweet to see. Zoya paralleled her play... she would change her baby's diapers whenever Veena changed Avni's. Or feed or walk around trying to burp the doll.

Raghu and his friend Shubhankar in Singapore. They had just completed an indoor rope walking session.

Raghu and Zoya in a huggy mood. And me with my morning tea talking to Raghu about his ninja game during our stay in Indore. He says he prefers fist fighting to guns. Why? Cause with a gun you finish off the fight fairly quick. But with your fists you can keep going for a while :-) Loads more fun.

Zoya and her Ammamma enjoyed fresh flower garland arrangements in their hair. These were jasmine. Notice Zoya's new heels. She twirls around with them a lot.

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