When we started out with our unschooling journey, we felt a little like knights in shining armor freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles. Hence the name of the blog.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

of fish and other things

Raghu and Zoya were dunking, making body mushroom shapes, floating happy and just completely being fish like in the pool today. I am so grateful for this peaceful little green prison we live in ;-) A lovely pool that is clean and a few steps away. We can run to it and not even take towels. just run back wet and dripping home. I found my facial muscles hurting from smiling continuously today in the pool. It was so blissful. My kids are fish and that made me inordinately happy. I could see their absolute pleasure in being able to glide thru water, twist in it, blow bubbles, hold their breath for long lengths, and really feel at ease inside the water. And the water is just cool enough for us to beat the heat.

Here i sit with some jazz on and a full, happy feeling inside. My children are in the pool with Tanaya now. And i'm getting to write, update, finish calls for the next 1.5 hours. We are expecting 2 unschooling moms and kids to visit us next month. We also have a rapelling, trekking session happening for 3 days in Matheran next month. So a lot will be happening soon. meanwhile raghu has become a DJ on club Penguin... loves those games and earning online money and using it. Zoya is coloring and doing a lot more online these days.

Ravi and i have decided to dedicate one evening a week to lego-mindstorm. We have recently managed our time to include 3 yoga sessions per week, with an instructor, from 6-7 am at home. And we both enjoy doing this class together so much that we felt we should try and do something with the kids that the 4 of us can work on together. So once a week we plan on putting on some groovy music, keeping dinner ready and just doing lego with the kids. Until now it was hard to do something where all 4 of us were involved... except swimming and rough play at home. But Zoya too has taken to lego these days... so the 4 of us can make this a regular activity. Mebbe its just time we made time for a week-night together thing. W'ends tend to be planned out/or catching up on sleep/doing impromptu things etc. So a weeknight where Ravi is making office-calendar space to be home at say, 7pm... means we can make it a ritual. Something the kids might take to. We'll see. For now Raghu is very excited. So today ravi will be home by 7 and I'll have lego, music and snacks ready for us.

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