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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swinging in Manhattan

Today Raghu gave me an awesome experience. He was playing Spiderman 3 on the Wii. And he called out to me... so i ran in to the room. And he showed me Spiderman jumping from the Empire State building! He was so thrilled with the idea of climbing this tall structure that he remembers clearly from our days in NJ/NYC. And getting to jump from heights is very cool for him. he has no fear of heights... unlike me.

Now you have to understand that my exposure to virtual environments in games with Raghu has been only in fantasy lands... like Prince of Persia or Mario etc. Not complete, realistic reality. But this game was allowing us to explore Manhattan, street by street! The street details were not so great... no stores or things. But still yellow cabs, people walking and generic store fronts etc were all there.

Raghu and i were so excited to explore the city... i was able to tell him which way was north... and he got the idea and we found Central Park! And sitting here in Pune, India..... it felt surreal to be able to maneuver a swinging man thru a city i know well. Goosebumps as we explored a city i love and enjoyed walking in. I could tell Raghu about meeting Ravi for the first time at the then standing tall, World Trade Center Borders book store.

And Raghu enjoyed seeing Manhattan from my perspective. He tends to explore gaming environs without paying attention to the time limit or challenge at hand. He enjoys exploring then he plays. No pressure to win. He focuses on clearing levels and winning when he wants to... otherwise not.

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