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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cousins, wedding, baby, video gaming etc.

These past few weeks have been remarkable in many ways. I'm not sure where to begin. The kids experienced a wedding in Dharwad.... Raghu ate off a banana leaf like evrybody else. The cousins, mine and kids', met and reconnected. Cousins from distant places like Delhi and Dubai. In this first photo from left to right are Raghu, Sumedh, Rushath, Zoya and Advai.

Then I left the kids with Ravi and his Mom so i could spend 2 days in Dharwad on my own. I went to attend my oldest mami's 13th day (death) ceremony. Kids understood mostly.  But Zoya was not too happy at the last minute when they dropped me off to the bus.

Raghu joined a local Lab called Quest for kids.  The location Raghu goes to has a lovely old fashioned school lab feel with large windows overlooking hills.  Raghu likes the bright airy feel and the science teacher who runs the place.  He gets to choose experiments and work with her help.  He has gone twice a week for 1.5 hours abotu 6 times now and seems to love it.  He can choose electricity experiments, Chemistry stuff, light, heat, water, (he made a submarine), even electronics.

Zoya has been going about 2-3 times a week to the school i mention in the post below.  She enjoys the activity and company of other kids.  She is very observant of other children adn their play.  Often time she will ask her 'teacher' to show her stuff on a black board.  She loves imitating the other kids and takes a little desk and opens books and colors etc.  She plays loads of dress up, pretend-play type stuff with all of us.  One of my helpers is often found wearing my heels and a dupatta (parading as a saree) and Zoya directs her and tells her what role to play.  Its loads of fun.  Zoya's language usage is as usual unique.  She told me the road is grumpy.  I asked her why.  She said "can't you feel it?"  The road we were driving on was very bumpy ;-)

There are loads of photos to be uploaded.  I am keen to clean up my photo uploads/picasa usages./camera video issues etc... during our trip to Indore.  I'm waiting eagerly to take the train journey with ravi and kids.  We leave Friday and return on Wednesday.  It for a ceremony/occasion.  But i always like going there.  Ravi's sister and her family are very welcoming and his aunt makes the most yum food.

Raghu's wish for more video gaming friends is fast coming true.  All of a sudden we are almsot always hosting video gaming sessions.  I'm still not as much a part of it as i'd like.  but i'm the food/comfort person... and make sure all are hydrated, eating and enjoying.  Occasionally i have to help with negotiations.  Some days i find Raghu content to watch his friends monopolize the gaming consoles for long stretches.  So i ask him quietly if he needs help getting a turn or some time etc.  And he says with surprise "no... i'm fine watching.  did you know amma... he knows this and this and......  I'm learning so many new things/maneuvers etc.."  Very interesting to see how intense his interest is.

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Sandra Dodd said...

I had to look this up and so am leaving a note for others who might have wondered:

"my oldest mami'"

Aunt by marriage, mother's side.

I'm always learning when i read your blog, Hema!

Hema A Bharadwaj said...

thanks for posting the definition. Most languages in India have a specific word/title for each member of a family.... fathers side, mothers side, older uncle, younger uncle etc... makes it easier to identify who one is referring to.... unlike the common word 'uncle'. as we don't tend to take the name of the person.. like in the US it would be Uncle Bob.... but here it would be Dodappa. Specifically the older Uncle.