When we started out with our unschooling journey, we felt a little like knights in shining armor freeing ourselves from our own self-imposed shackles. Hence the name of the blog.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our month in Pictures

Raghu and Trikay (taken during my sister's trip to Pune)

Birthday party for Maya.  She is 5!

Zoya and Maya in their matching birthday dresses (gifted by Sushi Masi) next to our aquarium (passed on by a local family) of 5 gold fishes and some snails. 

Snowy travels in a car for the first time from her home to our home. 

Carved Oranges posing around the house.

Tanaya, our local dog whisperer, showing us ways to play with the puppy.  She is a lovely, helpful young teenager who lives near us. 

Posing with Snowy at home.  You can see Snowy's new collar )

Made Raavan out of cereal boxes and paper and loads of tape.  Ananya and her friend helped create it.  We had a  good time making it and then burning it on Dashehra night.

Tanaya, Sanjana, Meghna (kids from our building complex) and Z and R made a leg-star so Snowy would play within it.  Snowy loved all the attention. 

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